About Me!

About Me!

I am a UX practitioner and front end developer. I do my best to focus on the user first, and make their primary goal easy to accomplish. Sounds simple enough right?

Through out my career I have worked all over the product life cycle, from prototypes to production code. In markets like market research; governance risk and compliance; and genetic research I have had the opportunity to help companies of all sizes from Denver Museum of Nature and Science, to Toyota!


I fancy my self a bit of a speaker, here are some slides from my most recent talks:


In my freetime I like to technical review and help write books


Things I have gotten paid for in food or money in the past, I like to keep things well rounded =D

  • Lifeguard
  • Swim instructor
  • Web designer
  • Sys admin
  • Administrative assistant
  • Grounds keeper
  • Concrete layer
  • Electrician
  • Web developer
  • Dry waller
  • Plumber
  • Writer
  • Speaker
  • Organizer
  • Salesman
  • RA (residents assistant)
  • Mover