June 19, 2016

CO Trail Section 7, Hike and Bike!

CO Trail Section 7, Hike and Bike!

On June 18th we did a Hike from Breckenridge to Copper via the Colorado Trail. There was still a bunch of snow on the path, so gaiters and hiking poles were extremely beneficial. We skirted around the path at parts so the whole trip was 13.7 hike and 12.4 bike. The night before we had dropped our bikes off on the end of section 7 of the CT trail, but sadly my phone died after the nearly 9 hours of hiking/breaking so I didn't get Strava data for the bike down. Here is what I do have!

We got to trail head around 6am and started at a pretty good pace.

First section of the hike

The first part of the hike was defined by a wooded/logging sections. I think it was because of the beetle kill but there was large tracks of forrest that were chopped down

Randi and I ready to hike

Randi and I getting ready to hike!

The Crew

There are several cool rivers and waterfalls our group of six got to traverse. The first six miles were pretty fast with great paths and 1,700 feet elevation gain.

After we got above treeline things got a little rough. The path was completely covered in snow, so we did our best staying on the path, and as dry as we could. This is when our path slowed way down.

The views made it all worth it!

The traverse across the peaks was the slowest, and most time consuming part of the hike. Luckily it was warm enough that each step into the snow wasn't a total nightmare.

For those Familiar with Breck you can see the Imperial Chair and the T-Bar below us.

The view from the top was pretty breath taking. It is also really fun to say you hiked higher then the chairlift!

The decent to the bikes was always hard, we had it in our minds that we would only be hiking 12.8, so the extra 0.9 miles seamed to catch everyone off guard, but once we got to the bikes spirts were lifted and ready for the smooth downhill ride back to the cars.