September 8, 2016

My Goals

Be a better front end web developer
  • Give 1 talk per year on front-end development
  • Create enough bugs that I know why I am messing up, don't create those bugs in the future
  • (how do I quantify this)?
Be a better designer
  • (how do I quantify this)?
Be a good boyfriend
  • Remain calm in frustrating situations.
  • (how do I quantify this)?
Be a good friend
  • Have an above 90% consistency rating of helping friends in need.
Learn Spanish
  • Be able to say over 100 phrases
Become strong
  • be able to rep 135 on the bench 10x
  • be able to do 10 pull-ups
Be healthy
  • 1.5 hours of any kind of life style activity per day this includes walking)
Make things(both digital and not)
  • (how do I quantify this)?
Be minimalistic
  • Travel with less 20lbs of stuff
  • (how do I quantify this)?
Learn contentment
  • (how do I quantify this)?
Become Financially independent
  • Have 30 times my annual spending saved (currently have two times saved) (still only have 2x because I got an expensive house on a 15 year morgage)
  • Be able to pursue life goals with out being motivated by money.