September 5, 2015

Pebble Rocks Boulder (night 1)!

Tyler opening a big box of hackathon parts

The first night of the pebble hackathon comes to an end. Viget and pebble are hosing a great event with tons of food, free swag, and really smart people. Learning about the pebble smart strap interface proved to be interesting. This is my first hands on experience with the pebble watch, and I find it is a really good life style fit for me compared to my apple watch. Battery life, ux, and an always on screen are pretty huge in my book. Lack of touch screen was rough at first, but I do love not cleaning my watch face every 30 minutes. There is a ton of potential for cool accessories with the smart strap, so I am excited to see what the weekend yeilds.

After much laughter and discussion we have come up with the idea of building a hiking and survival accessory that takes advantage of the pebbles awesome battery life. As it currently stands our project will be built using the pebble smart strap port on the back of the watch and go to a arduino/lillypad/tinzy. There will be several small support features, but the core functionality will be sending an emergency destress signal via radio frequency. God willing all of this will fit into a paracord strap and not be to large... If everything goes wrong we will 3d print an arduino case and strap that to your wrist.

Our favorite idea that didn't make the cut was controlling a rumba with the acceloramater in your watch to chase yippy dogs around your living room. Next time...

At the end of the first day we have no code, an outline of tasks each person will tackle and two logo ideas...

survival strap logo 1

survival strap logo 2