May 20, 2016

Running Mother Cabrini Shrine

Running Mother Cabrini Shrine

In our attempt to train for a summer of hiking and biking we took a week day to loop the Mother Cabrini Shrine located in Golden Colorado. The part that interested us the most was the 350 steps that are available to the public at no charge. Its a great alternative to Redrocks if there is a concert or you want a peaceful spot that isn't filled with 20 somethings trying to impress.

Randi Trying to loop the stairs

I thought it would be a meditative walk, but what I didn't realize how truly peaceful it would be. Every 50 steps or so there are statues and totems to depict the the process of Jesus Crucifixion, and if that isn't your cup of tea there are beautiful over looks that you can see the city of Denver.

There is also a really cool spring and meditation path, with plenty of seating.

It did close a little bit early though, so if you are trying to get over there for an after work meditation/hike/run/party make sure you realize it pretty much shuts down at 5:30

We didn't really do much besides for walk/hike the stairs, but I would say it was a great experience. We hiked with ~25lbs of weight in our backpacks so it was a little bit more then the couple pounds of extra fluff I have in the mid section.

Here are our strava results.

For anyone interested the address is:
20189 Cabrini Blvd
Golden, CO 80401