May 20, 2015

Skeletor Takes over Honda! Why your internet presence is over rated.

Honda’s twitter account Got ‘taken over’ Monday by He-Man’s less then mortal enemy Skeletor. At first the internet community assumed this was another failed security question, or weak password, but when the connection was made to a previous commercial the nature of the relationship changed. It went from Anon causing trouble to a publicity stunt going extremely well. Sure the goal of the ploy can be called into question, but engagement is on the rise! Pre take-over tweets were averaging around 30 re-tweets, initial post take over tweets ballooned to around 500.

The campaign also tied in their official website
I have read several times that your brand or internet presence is fragile, and needs to be taken care of like a small fire on a wet night. Honda/Skeletor shenanigans really shows what a poppycock idea that is. The internet is fickle, they forget everything that isn’t right in front of them. If your current campaign isn’t working, don’t keep forcing it, get out there and mix it up. Throw your followers through a loop. Sure there may be some context switching, but its better then just getting looked over in the first place. Better to be misunderstood then be ‘meh’.